How do you do? 2021 Mailchimp & co Benchmark Report and how freelancers and agencies have survived and thrived in 2020

Scritto il 02/06/2021
Mailchimp & co Benchmark Report summarizes the results of a global survey, with more than 2.000 respondents from 44 different countries; there are actually two reports, one for agencies and one for…

What are the benefits of becoming a Mailchimp Partner?

Scritto il 13/04/2021
Mailchimp started its Partnership program a few years ago, as a development from the former Mailchimp Experts Directory. I've been the first Italian Expert to join the Directory, followed by many others,…

A Mailchimp Wishlist

Scritto il 14/03/2021
Is there a feature you would like Mailchimp had, and why? For me, it's more than one: the more you use a platform, the more you get used to it and wish you could do more, all in one place, without the…

A/B testing your email campaigns: what, when, why

Scritto il 21/02/2021
As I often say, there is no golden rule that works in any circumstances, and we should always check our hypothesis versus reality and allocate a fraction of our budget to test them. Email marketing…

How to kickstart an email marketing program in 2021

Scritto il 08/01/2021
Email marketing has been with us for so long, always evolving and adapting to the spirit of the times: so we've plenty of best practices to look at and we even risk to go on autopilot when starting a new…
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